Poppy Seeds- Answer to Insomnia

Poppy seeds for ayurveda

Poppy is a species of Opium and from the plant and pods of the poppy. When pod became dry we get seeds from it knowns as poppy seed. Its production is governed by the government in different countries. Thus its seeds can be white, blue, yellow, and black. Indifferent countries the seeds colour from poppy we get differ.

Its botanical name is Papaver somniferum, in West Bengal known as posta, postu, posta dana, khus khus, khas khas, and commonly known as poppyseed, poppy seed.

This ayurvedic product has several health benefits, it is used by insomnia patient, those who have difficulty in sleeping, it calms the minds, relaxes the muscles, it cools the body. Poppyseed paste can be directly applied to the joint to get the relief from joint pain. And as it has cool potency so in the burnt area of skin also it is applied to get instant relief.

Poppy seed is used in medicines, in different dishes, in bakery,  as well as in garnishing sweet and other dishes. It is a good source of calcium and given to lactating mothers. It has a rich nutritional value. Nowadays poppyseed oil is also been using for many medicinal purposes. Buy ayurvedic products online from Trustherb.com . An authentic place to get your herbal products

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