Difference between Raw honey and Processed Honey.

Buying honey from the market nowadays there are lot of options and varieties available. Normally in the market (stores) we get honey as Processed honey the pasteurized form that it is heated at very high temperature so that it looks attractive, clean. But due to heating in high temperature its nutrients, vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties become Zero, it will have no medicinal values that’s why it is ineffective to us when we use honey for medicinal use.
The Processed honey is normally uniform and extra smooth in texture and attractive color. Whereas Raw honey is golden brown in color and granules which melt in warm temperature or using warm water.

Most of the honey manufacturer in the market removes the pollen from the honey, this is because removing bee pollen looks honey attractive, clean, and clear, Whereas Honey by Nature`s offered raw organic honey having bee pollen and other nutrients without giving any chemical treatment.
Natural Forest Honey when we kept over a longer duration it forms crystals of soft honey naturally whereas in Processed honey as due to heated and processing it never forms any crystals.

Whereas Honeybynature offered pure | Organic | Raw |Unprocessed | Filtered | Forest Honey, which has following Medicinal values and properties
1:- Pure Organic honey has Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal properties
2:-It Improves Our Digestive System
3:-It has Anti Inflammatory Properties
4:-It boost Immunity
6:- It Control Cholesterol Level
7:- Pure organic honey has Anti-cancer properties.

Now it makes clear that Raw unprocessed honey is always better than Processed honey. Now the second question raise here is

Forest honey is better or Normal honey ?

The forest honey is collected by wild bees which are very stronger than domesticated bees. Wild bees survived in harsher conditions of environment they are bigger stronger and darker in looks than the domesticated bees which are weaker against any disease and supported by antibiotics. That’s why wild bee in the forest produces one of the finest honey in the world. Forest honey is free from any pesticides, pollution, and free from antibiotics. The aroma, Taste, Flavour, and health properties of forest honey are much more than normal honey.

The beekeeper Exploits the domesticated bees constantly through any means to produce more honey this gives the stress to domestic bees due to which the medicinal values and honey quality significantly affected.

Forest honey is made by wild bees from the nectar of wildflowers which are more stronger and exotic naturally compared to organically grown flowers. this wildflower honey makes forest honey a real superfood.

Honey by nature offered pure | Organic | Raw |Unprocessed |Filtered| Forest Honey which has all the above properties, the collection of these honey is very difficult and rare so the value of these pure honey offered by honey by nature is always a bit higher than honey available in the market. Honeybynature does not follow any unethical practices to collect the honey. Their honey is collected via a cruelty-free method and a Vegan Honey having USDA Organic Certified, HACCP Certified, and GMP (Good manufacturing practice). So honey by nature provides pure liquid gold in the form of pure organic honey straight from the beehives.


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