Top 10 Health benefits of Chui Mui plant (Touch Me Not)

Chui Mui plant health benefits

Chui Mui plant is one of the unique plants in the plant kingdom and has many health benefits. Chui Mui plant in English is known as Touch Me Not plant. The leaves of this plant are sensitive to touch. This is why the leaves shrink and bend when touched. The scientific name of this plant is Mimosa pudica but, due to the unique habit of this plant, it is called by various names such as Common Sensitive-plant, Shame plant, TickleMe plant, etc.

Β  Chui Mui plant can be found all over India. Touch me not plant benefits are much larger than we imagine. Chui Mui plant uses are so vast that it has been extensively used as an ayurvedic product for the numerous health benefits it offers. Now you can directly buy ayurvedic products online. Chui Mui leaves have various bioactive components like alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, quinines, etc that are essential for humans. It has digestive, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal and anti-microbial properties.

Health benefits of the Chui Mui plant is here :

  1. Chui Mui for diabetes. Chui Mui is a very effective herb in lowering the high blood sugar levels. Consuming the juice of this plant regularly can lower your sugar levels thus keeping diabetes at bay.
  2. Chu Mui for joint pains. The anti-inflammatory activity in Chui Mui plant helps relieve joint pains and arthritis. Applying the paste of leaves externally on the affected areas can reduce the swelling.
  3. Chui Mui for insomnia. Chui Mui juice soothes the central nervous system and provides a calming effect on the brain. This combats insomnia and helps induce sleep.
  4. Chui Mui for hair loss. Chui Mui extracts boosts the growth of new hair cells. Applying the plant extracts on the hair and scalp helps prevent hair loss and improves hair growth.
  5. Chui Mui for high BP. The juice obtained from the Chui Mui leaves helps elevate high blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels and improving the blood flow.
  6. Chui Mui for stomach ache. The paste made from the Chui Mui plant helps kill the intestinal worms and provides relief from stomach aches.
  7. Chui Mui for snake bites. Taking Chui Mui internally or applying it as a paste externally can act as a potent antidote in cases of insect bites and snake bites. 
  8. Chui Mui for sexual health. Consuming the seeds of the Chui Mui plant regularly can improve sexual health in men and prevents premature ejaculation.
  9. Chui Mui for oral health. Gargling the decoction made from Chui Mui roots can improve oral health and keeps the gum and teeth away from diseases.
  10. Chui Mui for digestion. Chui Mui plant boosts digestion and promotes appetite. It acts as a natural antacid in case of indigestion and cures the disorder.  

This plant has the potential to make human lives better by its health benefitting properties. Chui Mui plant is used in the ayurvedic system since the ancient time owing to its medicinal benefits, so it is time that people buy ayurveda products and observe Chui Mui plant as a medicinal plant than just an intriguing fun plant.

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