Health Benefits of Satyanashi

Health Benefits of Satyanashi

Satyanashi is an under-rated herb that is often mistaken as a roadside weed. The botanical name is Argemone Mexicana and commonly called prickly Poppy or Brahmadandi. Satyanashi is much more than a roadside weed that has been in use in the ayurvedic system for ages for its ability to treat many diseases. The health benefits of Satyanashi is due to its antimicrobial, antidiabetic, analgesic, anthelmintic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, antispasmodic, antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties.

Satyanashi is described as a rasayan in Ayurveda that increases vitality and strength. Almost all the parts of the plant like stem, flower. leaves, seeds and root are used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. Now you can get the ayurvedic products online as well.

Here are some of the health benefits of Satyanashi that makes it prominent in the ayurvedic system.

  • Satyanashi for skin diseases. Satyanashi is an effective remedy for skin-related problems. Therefore the powder has anti-bacterial properties that can be used to treat various skin diseases.
  • Satyanashi for impotence and infertility. The Satyanashi powder made from the root of this plant helps improve sex drive in men. Thus it promotes the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Satyanashi for Low urine output. Satyanashi promotes increased production of urine. The juice of this plant has diuretic properties that help one relieve the difficulty of passing urine and also provides relief from painful urination.
  • Satyanashi for breathing problems. Satyanashi root is considered as an excellent remedy for breathing problems. So, it helps remove the phlegm accumulated in the lungs and provides relief from asthma and breathlessness.
  • Satyanashi for diabetes. The juice extracted from the Satyanashi leaves has the ability to fight diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels. As a result, consuming it daily can regulate sugar levels in the body. 
  • Satyanashi for nose. Losing the sense of smell is a tragic thing to happen for anybody. Snuffing the Satyanashi powder daily can help regain the power of smell.
  • Satyanashi for stomach Ulcers. Satyanashi powder helps in the treatment of ulcers and fibroids. Therefore, adding it to your diet provides relief from ulcer and stomach pain.
  • Satyanashi as an antidote. The juice extracted from Satyanashi roots can act as a powerful antidote for insect and scorpion bites. 

Although Satyanashi is loaded with numerous health benefits, the wonders of this plant are lesser-known to the people. So, it is time that we should advise everybody to explore this herbal product and buy ayurvedic products online for a healthy and better lifestyle

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