5 Fascinating Health Benefits of Kayfal

Health Benefits of Kayfal

Kayfal (Myrica nagi), commonly called Katphala, Kaiphala, Bayberry, Kafal, Kayphal, and Box myrtle is a medicinal plant used for various purposes in Ayurveda. The bark of this is aromatic in nature and it has been in use for its aromatic properties for ages. Kayfal is native to the hilly regions of Nepal and India. This evergreen tree is abundantly found in the Northern Himalayan belt and the state of Punjab in India. Although Kayfal is only widely known for its aromatic nature, Ayurveda has identified the fascinating health benefits of Kayfal and used it in the treatment of various diseases.

Kayfal in Ayurveda:

The bark of Kayfal has therapeutic value and is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, it reduces vitiated Kapha and Vita dosha. It has astringent, bitter and pungent taste, and hot potency. The main chemical constituents of Kayfal are myricanol, proanthocyanidin, beta-sitosterol, taraxerol and myricadiol. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, and anxiolytic properties. Here are a few fascinating health benefits of kayfal.

Health benefits of Kayfal:

1. Kayfal for wounds

One of the biggest health benefits of Kayfal is its ability to arrest bleeding. The powder of the dried bark of Kayfal can be applied externally to the wounds to control bleeding and promote faster healing of wounds.  

2. Kayfal for oral health

Kayfal is an excellent herb for promoting oral health. The decoction obtained from the bark of kayfal is used for gargling to treat gingivitis and oral ulcer. The bark powder is also used as a tooth powder to treat tooth problems.

3. Kayfal for respiratory disorders

Kayfal is a great relief provider in the case of respiratory disorders. The dried bark powder is given to patients to clear the lungs. Thus, it is beneficial for patients suffering from cough, rhinitis, asthma, and bronchitis.

4. Kayfal for women

The powder obtained from the bark of Kayfal is beneficial for women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding. The active ingredient Myricitrin present in Kayfal arrests bleeding and provides from heavy menstrual bleeding. 

5. Kayfal for digestive strength

Kayfal is a great herb for improving digestive health. Consuming the bark powder with buttermilk provides relief from digestive problems such as indigestion, gas, and bloating. It also provides relief from diarrhea

Kayfal is one of the important herbs in Ayurveda known for its medicinal properties. But unfortunately, not many people know about the fascinating health benefits of Kayafal. So, it is time we appreciate this ayurvedic herb and use it for the betterment of our lives. 

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