Himalayan Birch – Bhojpatra – Betula utilis

Worldwide names of Betula-

Hindi:-  Bhujpatra

English:-Birch, Himalayan silver birch

Sanskrit:- Bhojrapatra

Bengali:- Bojpatra

Punjabi:- Bhuj

Telgu:- Bhujupatri

Latin:-  Betula Bhojapatra, Betulaceae

Other Common names of Birch are:-

Bhejpattra, bhiy, bhoj patra, bhoja, bhojpatra, bhuj, bhujpatar, bhujpattra, bhurj, pad, bhuyapathra, bhujapatram, bhurjjamaram, bahulavalkala, bahulavalkalah, bahupata, bahuputa, bahutvaka, bahuvalkala, bhuja, bhurja, bhurjagranthi, bhurjah, bhurjapatra, bhurjapatraka, bhutaghna, bindupatra, carmi, charmi, charmmadruma, chhadapatra, chhatrpatra, chitratvaka, dalanismoka, lekhyapatra, lekhyapatraka, mriducharmi, mridupatra, mridutvaka, padmaki, patrapushpaka, rakshapatra, shailendrastha, shitri, sthirachhada, sucharma, vichitraka, vidyadala, bhurjjamaram, purccam, purccapattiram, bhujapathri, bhujapatri, stag pa, Bhujapatram,Bhurjjamaram, Himalayan Silver Birch,Bhoj Patra Tree,Himalayan Birch, Purchcham,Bhurjjamaram, Indian Paper Birch, Whitebarked Himalayan Birch, Jacquemontii birch, Chattrapatra, Bindupatra, Vidyadata, shag, bhojpattar. Indian paper birch, Jacquemen tree .

There are about 60 types of species available, These are mostly fast-growing trees, these are easily grown trees on any types of soil. The wood of these trees are used for a wide range of purposes, including charcoal, paper, toys, etc. the bark is used in the leather industry for fragrance. in ancient time sages use its bark as their lower garment. Its bark is also used as covering protection from evil spirits and devils in ancient times.

Parts used:-Leaves, bark, Oil.

Properties:- It is Bitter in taste, astringent in nature having diuretic and mild laxative effects.

Uses of Birch:-

1:- It is used to relieve from pain and inflammation

2:-It is best used for rheumatism, arthritis, gout, etc

3:- It is beneficial in kidney and bladder disorder

4:- It is used in skin eruption and fevers.

5:- Externally its oil is used for psoriasis and eczema.

6:- it is useful in ear diseases.

How to take:-

1:- Take powder of leaves or bark ¼ to ½ teaspoon with honey/water once/twice a day after meals.

2:- Cant be taken as decoction/tea form

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