5 impressive health benefits of the Indian Screw Tree

Health benefits of Indian screw Tree

The Indian screw tree (Helicteres isora), also called Marori, Marorphali, Enthani, Avartani, Kevani, Atmorha, and Mriga-shinga. Mriga-shinga translates to deer’s horn in Sanskrit. It got this name due to its peculiarly twisted fruit pods in the form of a screw. It is found in southern Asia and northern Oceania. In India, it is distributed in dry forests throughout central and western India, especially in Rajasthan, Punjab, and Bihar. The impressive health benefits of the Indian screw tree have made it one of the prominent herbs in the Ayurvedic system.

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Indian Screw tree in Ayurveda:

The stembark, root, fruit, and seed of this Ayurvedic plant are used widely in the Ayurvedic system for various medicinal purposes. According to Ayurveda, the Indian screw tree balances Kapha and Pitta dosha. It has an astringent taste and cool potency. The main chemical constituency includes diosgenin cucurbitacin B and isorin. It also has antioxidant, hypolipidemic, antibacterial, anti-plasmid, cardiac antioxidant, anticancer, anodyne, hepatoprotective, and anti-diarrheal activity. Here are some of the impressive health benefits of the Indian screw tree.

Health benefits of Indian screw tree

Excellent cure for gastrointestinal problems

One of the biggest health benefits of the Indian Screw tree is its ability to treat gastrointestinal problems. The root juice and fruit paste of this plant are taken orally to get relief from dysentery, stomach ache, and diarrhoea.

Health booster for new mothers

The fruit powder mixed along with some other nutritional herbs and spices is given to new mothers as a health-booster food in order to cope with post-delivery weakness. 

The Indian screw tree for skin problems

The leaf of Indian Screw Tree is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. The paste prepared from this lead can be applied externally on the skin to get relief from various skin diseases including eczema and scabies.

Helps manage diabetes

The Indian screw tree is one of the best herbs for promoting physical stamina and strength. It has insulin-sensitizing activity and stabilizes blood sugar levels in the blood and helps manage diabetes.

Effective for treating respiratory diseases

The chemical constituents present in this Ayurvedic plant are very effective in treating respiratory diseases like dryness of the lungs and throat. It is also very beneficial in the treatment of Tuberculosis and blood-tinged sputum.

The Indian screw tree is one of the best strengthening Ayurvedic herbs known to mankind. But the many impressive health benefits of the Indian screw tree are not known to many people. So, it is time we appreciate this herb and use it for the benefit of our health.

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