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Ayurvedic tips for weight loss

Ayurveda and Weight Loss

Are you tired of the endless cycle of losing weight, again and again, only to gain it back? Are you fed up with the strict and tasteless diet plan that doesn’t bring any results? Perhaps it is time for you to turn towards a more holistic approach of losing weight through Ayurveda.  Ayurveda and weight […]

Reduce obesity with Psyllium


Psyllium is old age ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of different diseases with the help of Ayurveda. In a different era and in different parts of the world it is named differently. In Hindi, it is called as Isubgol, Issufgul, Ispaghul, Isabgol, Isabgul. In English name of this Ayurvedic Herbs are Psyllium, Ripple grass, […]