6 Natural health benefits of Hawaiian baby Woodrose (Vidhara)

health benefits of vidhara woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia Nervosa), also called Vidhara or Elephant creeper or Adhoguda, is an ornamental plant preferred for its beautiful flowers. Although it is called Hawaiian baby Woodrose, this plant is a native of the Indian subcontinent and introduced around the world like Hawaii, Africa, and the Caribbean. This purple flowering plant may seem like a normal ornamental pant, but it is an important ayurvedic herb loaded with numerous health benefits. 

 Use of Vidhara in Ayurveda:

Almost all the parts of the plant like the roots, the leaves, and the seeds are used in Ayurveda for its medicinal benefits. The roots of this plant are rejuvenator, nervine tonic, diuretic, and aphrodisiac. They are effective in treating diseases of the nervous system, rheumatism, strangury, and sexual disorders. The powder made from soaking the roots of Vidhara in tubers of Asparagus juice and then grinding them in powdered form can be used for various medicinal benefits. Read 6 health benefits of Vidhara / Woodrose

1. Vidhara/Woodrose for sexual health.

Vidhara / Woodrose is one of the potent aphrodisiac herbs in Ayurveda. The root of this plant is processed to make a powerful medicine that helps boost sperm count. It also calms the nerves and helps with the psychological reasons for sexual dysfunction. 

2. Vidhara/Woodrose for treating wounds

The leaves and seeds of Vidhara/Woodrose can effectively heal cuts and wounds. The leaves can be cleaned and tied to the affected areas to promote faster healing of wounds. 

3. Vidhara/Woodrose for skin problems.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the extracts of Vidhara can be externally applied to treat various skin ailments such as itchiness, inflammation and dry skin.

4. Vidhara/Woodrose for cell regeneration

Woodrose also called Vidhara is a natural rejuvenator. It effectively fights against harmful free radicals and repairs damaged cells and tissues. Thus, prevents cell damage and promotes cell regeneration

5. Vidhara/Woodrose for weight loss

The chemical compounds in Vidhara help in the breakdown of dietary fat in the body. So, if you’re looking to lose weight, make a paste of the roots with rice water and massage your body with it to lose weight.

6. Vidhara/Woodrose for stress

The chemical compounds present in Vidhara/Woodrose makes it an effective natural sedative. It is used as Ayurveda as a hallucinogen.

Vidhara is often seen as an ornamental plant. Not many people know about the natural health benefits of Vidhara. So, it is time we appreciate Vidhara and the numerous health benefits that come with it.

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