Dhamasa an Ayurvedic herb to cure respiratory disorders


Dhamasa also called as Fagonia Cretica (Virgin’s Mantle) is a plant found in deserted areas. This herb is mentioned in Ayurveda for the treatment of general debility, mouth ulcer, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, respiratory disorders like cough. This ayurvedic product is a single herbal medicine having miraculous curing effects on general health issues including serious illnesses like cancers, hepatitis, heart disorders, etc. without any serious side-effects.

Some people misunderstand Fagonia as Camel Thorn, but in fact, camel thorn is a separate plant. Its leaves are very thin and grow between two thorns. Dhamasa is an ayurvedic herb found in Italy, Germany, middle-east countries, Pakistan and India. It has been accepted as the treatment of cancers especially blood and liver cancer. The ayurvedic product has several benefits:

  • It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain haemorrhage and heart problems.
  • Prevents and treats Cancers.
  • Treats all types of Hepatitis.
  • Strengthens liver and prevents liver cancer.
  • Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.
  • Treats asthma & breathing difficulty.
  • Helps to recover from smoking side-effects.
  • Being spermatogenic improves sperm count in semen and helps to normalize the male and female reproductive systems.
  • Perfectly controls Leucorrhoea, a disorder in women.

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