Cure Constipation with Wood Apple-Correa

Wood apple- correa

Bael is an ancient holy tree which is worship in many rituals in India. Wood apple tree also has a positive effect in Vastu Shastra if grown in-home or nearby.

In different area it is named differently in India in Konkani it is called gorakamli, in Urdu named as bael, in Hindi sirphal, in Punjabi beel, in Sanskrit named as bilva, bilvam,  and other names are vilvam , maredu, bau nau, bela, bila bilak, berunoki, banau, in English it is known as wood apple, Correa, and in botanical called as Aegle marmelos.

Its leaves, fruit, are used in Ayurveda for medicinal purpose. It is highly useful for a patient who is suffering from constipation as well as from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) both are contrary disease but in both, it is equally effective. It is helpful in stomach infection, it has high healing properties. Those who have fatty liver, ulcer in stomach can take bael fruit juice or pulp in their regular diet for effective cure. It is also helpful in control high cholesterol level, those who are suffering from high blood sugar regularly taking bael in their diet controls the sugar level. It contain high fibre, calcium, protein and iron. Regularly taking this fruit pulp or in powder form is recommended and can be taken by any person.

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