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Top 10 Health benefits of Chui Mui plant (Touch Me Not)

Chui Mui plant health benefits

Chui Mui plant is one of the unique plants in the plant kingdom and has many health benefits. Chui Mui plant in English is known as Touch Me Not plant. The leaves of this plant are sensitive to touch. This is why the leaves shrink and bend when touched. The scientific name of this plant […]

Kalijiri – Black Cumin Natural Health Benefits

health benefits of kalijiri

Kalijiri or black cumin (Nigella Sativa) is an ancient Indian spice that has been known to have numerous medicinal properties and health benefits. The scientific name of Kalijiri is Centratherum anthelminticum. It was known by various names such as kaala jeera, kala jeera, kala jiri, etc. Black cumin has anthelmintic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-hyperglycemic, diuretic, stomachic, […]

Health Benefits of Satyanashi

Health Benefits of Satyanashi

Satyanashi is an under-rated herb that is often mistaken as a roadside weed. The botanical name is Argemone Mexicana and commonly called prickly Poppy or Brahmadandi. Satyanashi is much more than a roadside weed that has been in use in the ayurvedic system for ages for its ability to treat many diseases. The health benefits […]

Benefits of Ajwain khurasani (Carom Seeds) For Hair, Skin and Health.

Benefits of Ajwain khurasani

Ajwain khurasani, one of the most common ingredients in the desi dishes is loaded with super benefits for skin, hair, and health. It has been obtained from the ajwain plant (Carom plant). Ajwain in English is known as carom seeds and is also called Bishop’s weed or Omam (in Tamil) and ayamodhakam in Malayalam. Therefore […]